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Classical Feng Shui

My name is Breanne, I am a trained and Certified ​Classical Flying Star Feng Shui Practitioner.

I am very passionate about the traditional Feng ​Shui methods and I am excited to be able to help ​clients with balancing and harmonizing their home ​with real classical Feng Shui to better optimize ​their wealth, health and relationships.

There can be a significant amount of watered ​down and diluted misinformation regarding Feng ​Shui online.

By understanding real classical Feng Shui ​principals, my goal is to share my knowledge and ​help empower people to create spaces that ​support their overall well-being and foster a ​harmonious and balanced environment.

Are you ready to transform your home and bring it ​into balance and harmony?

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Distant Reiki ​Healings Available

See details below

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Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng ​Shui Practitioner

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Classical Flying Star Feng Shui

No Fast Food Feng Shui here... But Ancient Accurate Flying Star Tradition!

Intro Video

Flying Star Feng Shui, has nine noticeable types of star energies!

While some of these stars display auspiciousness, the other stars are malefic and can trigger Illness and mishaps into our lives.

(Short term and long term)

My objective is to analyze and look at the influences of chi within your dwelling and work to alleviate the unfavourable energies while giving a boost ​to the favourable ones! Im excited to help and work with individuals to receive a harmonized and balanced environment.

Why I choose classical Flying Star Feng Shui

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Reiki & Vibrational Healing Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a wellness and healing modality that originated from Japan in the 1920's. ​It works with subtle but powerful energy flow within the body to promote balance ​and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Whether you are seeking relief from physical pain, stress reduction, or a deeper ​connection with your inner self.

I am committed to assisting my clients with healing any imbalances, blockages or ​areas of concern. Throughout the practice of healing I harness the universal life ​force energy to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

What Makes My Healing Sessions Unique?

Along with working with reiki healing energy, I connect with the kundalini healing ​power which is a divine intelligence that governs all energy within your body. and ​I also work with the source centre vibration that unifies all chaotic energy and ​bring it back into harmony.

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Certified Level 3 Reiki Practitioner

Distant and In Personal Reiki / Sound bowl healing sessions.

Please contact me for more information.

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Crystal Singing Bowl and Chakra ​Alignments

Studies have shown that singing bowl sound meditation ​can produce physiological and psychological responses, ​reducing negative affect and increasing positive affect, ​as well as improving blood pressure, heart rate, and ​respiratory rate.

Balance, heal and Align your chakra Centers with Crystal ​Bowls Healing sessions.

Benefits of Reiki Healing and ​Harmonizing The Chakras.

Feel a state of blissful union with all that ​is, and a connection of the universal ​consciousness.

Feel in tuned trusting your inner self, ​intuition, and imagination

Feel balanced and able to communicate ​with clarity, wisdom and compassion.

Feel surrounded by love, joy compassion ​and connected to the world around you

Feel confident, and empowered with your ​choices and actions.

Feel connected to source energy ​enhancing your creativity, intamacy, and ​relationships

Feel Grounded, balanced and secured.

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This is a golden egg that ​will open up major ​abundance for you when ​you follow what I’ve ​discovered to enahnce ​wealth, health and ​relashionhsips for 2024! ​Year of the Dragon

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2024 Feng Shui Report


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Find out where your ​wealth resides inside ​your home, and clear ​your space of any ​lurking illness with ​my mini report!



Mini Feng Shui Report

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For in person sessions please email me

All payments are processed through Strip, If you prefer to pay ​by PayPal, please contact me

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Powerful and ​compassionate support ​from a distance.

Receive a distant Reiki ​healing and enjoy the ​benefits of energy ​healing, removing ​blockages from the body, ​and restoring flow and ​balance.

By Donation

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full feng Shui report

Join me for a virtual ​Zoom Call and receive ​detailed report that will ​reveal how to enhance ​your wealth, health, ​relationships and ​spiritual wellness fast!




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Receive a personalized ​pre-recorded tarot ​reading for $25

***1 Question***



1/2 priced ​tarot ​readings

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21 Day Spiritual Spring Cleaning for the ​Body, Mind & Soul

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Kundalini awakening

Starting March 10, 2024

21 Day Spirit Cleanse

Chakra Balancing

Karma Clearing

Physical & Emotional Healing

Source Imbued Energies

Natural Self Healing

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Early Bird Special discount sale

20% Off

Register Before March 1st, 2024

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Cost - $111.00

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Custom Hand made ​crysal candles

Order your custom made candle today!

Each candle will be imbued with Source Vibration, contained with crystals, dried flowers and essential oils all tailored to your ​personal needs. (7oz)


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Wealth & Success


Health Boost

Self Love


Work Promotion


Fame & Recognition

Attract a New Love

Chakra Balancing

Balance & Courage





Ylang Ylang

Clary Sage

Sweet Orange






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Gold Bio Collagen Facial Mask ​Imbued with Source Vibration


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Monoline Floral

This crystal Collagen Gold Facial mask is formulated with ​pure gold, and hydrating compounds that deliver a glowing ​and more defined look to your skin.

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Hello Breanne,

Wow! I have very gratefull for you to ​take the time to send me a video. ​When I woke up i knew you had done ​the healing since my shoulder blades ​discomfort was gone.



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Breanne is lovely and skilled at her craft. Prior to ​working together, I didn't realize that Feng Shui ​should be an annual consideration, as each year ​brings new energies into the home. Breanne drew ​my attention to 3 bad energetic issues and gave ​clear solutions to reduce their negative impact on ​my finances and health. My home has a wonderful ​'money corner' and is very conducive to growing ​my business, Her report also included highlights of ​the best features of my home and suggestions to ​enhance these positive effects. I'm delighted to ​know that my bedroom is conducive to romance ​and travel, which has certainly held true! I believe ​knowing this information has my home ​energetically working toward my highest potential, ​rather than hindering my progress. Thank you, ​Breanne!

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart, ​your video you made me was wonderful and ​unexpected and I felt calm, relaxed and very ​comfortable through the distant healing. ​Thank you again!

Much Love, Marietta

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I am so trilled to have had a feng shui chart ​done up for my home,I was able to make many ​adjustments that Breanne has recommended ​and I have noticeably improved my overall ​health in just the past couple months

I couldn't thank you enough for showing me ​how to deal with my homes energy.


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I've had 2 readings done by Breanne and I will definitely be back for more.

She is so detailed, thorough and compassionate in her delivery and it truly ​felt like listening to a dear friend giving me advice and guidance.

She accurately saw so many aspects in my two situations that I didn't even ​remember to mention when I booked the reading and she navigates ​through each with precision and valuable information.

She helped me understand everything better and I've listened/watched ​her readings twice so far and got something more after each viewing as my ​own perspective expanded.

I wholeheartedly recommend her work to everyone looking for a sweet, ​compassionate reading done with grace and engagement. It felt so caring ​and kind to be on the receiving end of her gift.

Thank you so much and I look forward to more!


Bre has really helped me understand what ​energies lay within my home. She gave me ​really easy ways to cure or activate certain ​sectors. She was easy to work with and really ​responsive to all my questions.



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I am blown away by your generosity.   You have gone above and ​beyond with your precious time to deliver more information to me ​and thats gold❣️  I really appreciate the extended & the entire ​reading as it has given me courage that I've got a wonderful new ​beginning to look forward to after this inevitable chapter.   I ​cannot thank you enough Breanne and look forward to being in ​touch with you In the near future.  Best wishes and blessings to ​you.


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